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The Northern Gateway Pipeline and our Home Places

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These markers can be placed by anyone who has created a user account on this site.
Identifies the location of each Joint Review Panel (JRP) Intervenor and Oral Statement hearing. Click on the icon to display references to the official transcript of each day's proceedings.
Photographs from along the route.
These markers contain quotes from the JRP hearings that are referenced back to the transcript documents. The location of the marker is based on either the context of the quote, or the place where the quote was made.

Project Overview

Get involved and add your own personal information about the people and places of the Northern Gateway Pipeline project. To find out how, go to the Contribute! page and follow the simple instructions. The About page gives you information about this project, who is behind it, and gives a brief overview of the Northern Gateway Pipeline project itself. For more information on this mapping platform, go to the Geolive website.